Improve your Performance with Collagen Liquid!!

Improve your Performance with Collagen Liquid!!

Boost muscle growth mass

Relieve joint pain

Prevent bone loss

Improve heart health

Repair joints, tendons & cartilage


Helps boost your immune system

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10,000mg of Collagen Hydrosylate



10,000mg of Collagen Hydrosylate

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10,000mg of Collagen Hydrosylate

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Review Videos from professional athelets

Product Features

  • Liquid supplement containing 10,000mg of collagen hydrosylate, highest potency on the market
  • Designed for athletes and sports addicts
  • Specially formulated to help maintain normal function of bones
  • Informed Sports approved. Informed-Sport is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products.

    GBR Collagen Liquid is made up of type 1 and 3 Collagen peptides which form the primary building blocks and the principal protein for skin, hair, nails, bones, tendons, joints, and cartilage; over 30% of the body’s total protein. They provide mechanical stability, elasticity and strength to connective tissues-bones, tendons and ligaments.

    10g of collagen per serving
    Current Batches : 23062 

Collagen (Peptiplus), Dextrose Monohydrate, Fructose, Mango and Passion Fruit (Flavour), Potassium Sorbate (stabiliser), Sodium Benzoate (stabiliser), Sucralose (Sweetener), Citric acid, Water

Content Per 30ml Serving:
Collagen Hydrolysate – 10000mg

Each serving contains 60 calories (293Kcal per 100g)

Musculoskeletal injuries often come hand in hand with sport or occupations which involve regular physical activity and collagen in its hydrolysed form performs a key role in all 3 stages of the healing process – inflammation, regeneration and remodelling. This makes GBR Nutrition Collagen Liquid the ideal product for a sports recovery regime. It also contains the perfect combination of peptides and amino acids for protein synthesis (one of the most fundamental biological processes by which individual cells build their specific proteins) and muscle repair.

Scientists are now suggesting that hydrolysed collagen is a valuable protein to take before and after exercise. If muscles, joints and ligaments have the nourishment to fully recover, they will rebuild more efficiently and also have the ability to be much stronger meaning there is also a huge potential for the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. GBR Nutrition Collagen Liquid very much suits all athletes by improving strength and helping aching joints.

Take one 30ml measure before you go to bed in the evening for best results. Each 30ml dose provides 10g of collagen!
Once opened store in the fridge, use within 45 days of opening

Important information
Keep out of the reach of children.
Collagen derived from Bovine Origin.
Not suitable for Vegetarians Or Vegans.

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Reviews from Professional Athletes

“A majority of my injuries revolve around either ligaments or tendons, and Collagen Liquid helps support and regrow, and rebuild the tissues and the fibers around those injuries. I highly recommend this for anybody who’s suffering from any injuries having to do with tendons, ligaments and muscle.”

Rachael Burdford

Professional England Rugby Player

“I get out of bed, aching back, aching joints, but when I started taking the joint maintenance I started feeling a lot different. It’s absolutely amazing, I recommend it for every sports athlete out there.”

Joe Hallett

Martial Artist, Screen Fighter

“The GBR Nutrition Collagen Liquid allows me to train to my best by keeping my tendons, ligaments and joints supported and mobile. I can honestly recommend this product for anyone involved in sport.”

Hannah Whelan

Olympic Gymnast

“It’s something that we’ve used as part of our management of all connective tissue injuries this year. We felt that it’s been a very effective adjunct, and has assisted us in the effectiveness of our rehabilitation of these dysfunctions.”

Ali James

Rugby Union Player, Physiotherapist


GBR Collagen Liquid has been helping A-list British athletes and sports professionals maintain the peak health and fitness required by their jobs. Our supplement has been scientifically formulated with high-potency collagen for professional performance athletes.

Boost muscle growth mass

Collagen Liquid helps strengthen, repair and build muscle and is specially formulated to fit specific requirements and athletic objectives. Collagen is the major structural protein in skeletal muscle and accounts for 1–10% of muscle tissue.

Relieve joint pain

Collagen Liquid is proven to help maintain and support the normal function of joints, as well as accelerate repair. Experimental sports science shows that athletes experiencing joint pain when standing, walking or lifting weights can ease the pain by taking Collagen Liquid.

Prevent bone loss

Collagen Liquid proven to help maintain normal function of bones. Collagen makes up a majority of your bone mass, so bone strength is dependent not only on the quantity of bone tissue, but also on the amount of collagen.

Improve heart health

Collagen Liquid helps improve your overall health and fitness, while preventing injury. It promotes heart health by having a positive impact on your arteries, making them stronger and reducing stiffness.

Repair joints, tendons & cartilage

Collagen Liquid helps support tendons and cartilage, while also accelerating the healing process. Collagen is an important component in the connective tissues that make up tendons and ligaments.

Collagen Liquid has the Informed Sport quality seal certifying that it’s been regularly tested for substances considered prohibited in sport and ensuring high quality standards. GBR Nutrition products are manufactured in compliance with pharmaceutical and food-grade standards. This prevents contamination and ensures that our products are manufactured to the highest quality.


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