Ecdysterone 200MG

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Ecdysterone is quite simply a natural steroid. GBR Ecdysterone produces a highly anabolic environment in the body, resulting in numerous performance enhancing benefits. This powerful compound will definitely help you build lean, hard muscle and increase your strength.

GBR Ecdysterone works to maintain a positive nitrogen balance and increase protein synthesis in the body. When hard training and a high protein diet is combined with the optimum anabolic environment in the body, muscle and strength increases will occur.

There are many benefits to taking GBR Ecdysterone supplement:

  • Dramatic increase in lean body mass
  • Increased stamina & endurance
  • Stimulated metabolism
  • Maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels
  • Safe and effective results for men AND women
  • Prevention of muscle mass loss
  • Increased growth of muscle fibres
  • NO negative side effects

Natural Steroid.
Aids in creating protein synthesis, promoting strength, muscle growth and higher energy levels.

Ecdysterone, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Origin), Gelatin Shell.

Each Capsule Contains:
Ecdysterone – 200mg

To maximise the effects of Ecdysterone you need to take 5 mg for every 1kg of body weight e.g. if you weight 80kg then you need to take two 200mg capsules per day.

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