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GBR Spotlight Series: Have You Tried… Bouldering?

Welcome everyone, to our brand new spotlight series. The inspiration behind this series is that there are many things we’ve all been missing since we’ve been in lockdown. However, you know we like to have an optimistic outlook at GBR Nutrition. So, we wanted to bring to light some of the newer and sometimes more crazy sports out there for you all to try when we can go out in the world again.

To kick off our brand new series we will be looking at a sport that was really climbing in popularity throughout 2019: Bouldering.

Bouldering is at first glance relatively similar to rock climbing and a lot of people enjoy both sports. However, bouldering walls are much lower to the ground and with good reason… there are no ropes or harnesses! I personally went bouldering a few times throughout 2019 and one of the first things I noticed about the community is how wonderful they are with beginners. With so many people so quick to help, it wasn’t long before I got to grips with things! Part of the fun of bouldering is also figuring out how to complete each wall, like a puzzle or a video game challenge. I had such a great time that it wasn’t until I finished the session that I realised how absolutely tired my body and hands were! All in all, a great time and a great work out.

Considering how hard climbing sports are on your hands, GBR Collagen Liquid would be a perfect supplement to help protect your joints, tendons and cartilage as you try this awesome new and exciting sport!

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