Our clients have seen amazing results with GBR Collagen Liquid.

Happy Clients

I would like to endorse the GBR Nutrition Collagen Liquid, it’s something we have used as part of our management of all connective tissue injuries this year, this includes post traumatic injuries such as strains and ligament ruptures as well as post-operative ligament repairs and in addition work with our tendinopathies to facilitate rehabilitation. It has been effective in assisting us in rehabilitation of these disfunctions.

Ali James
Ali JamesHead of Physiotherapy London Wasps

After a days training and hitting my joints hard I would come home and take Collagen Liquid (joint maintenance),I would feel like I hadn’t trained at all, its absolutely amazing, I recommend it for every sports athlete out there!!

Joe Hallett
Joe HallettMartial Artist

The majority of my ligaments revolve arounds ligaments or tendons and liquid collagen helps support regrow and rebuild the tissues and the fibres around those injurie. I has been informed sports approved so I know its completely safe to use. The best part is the taste and I highly recommend this! Get involved enjoy it!

Rachael Burford
Rachael BurfordProfessional English Rugby

This product is great and is helping to keep me and my body healthy and fit.

GBR Liquid collagen allows me to train to my best keeping my tendons, ligaments and joints supported.

Hannah Wheelan
Hannah WheelanOlympic Gymnast