Our clients have seen amazing results with GBR Collagen Liquid.

Reviews from Professional Athletes

“A majority of my injuries revolve around either ligaments or tendons, and Collagen Liquid helps support and regrow, and rebuild the tissues and the fibers around those injuries. I highly recommend this for anybody who’s suffering from any injuries having to do with tendons, ligaments and muscle.”

Rachael Burdford

Professional England Rugby Player

“I get out of bed, aching back, aching joints, but when I started taking the joint maintenance I started feeling a lot different. It’s absolutely amazing, I recommend it for every sports athlete out there.”

Joe Hallett

Martial Artist, Screen Fighter

“The GBR Nutrition Collagen Liquid allows me to train to my best by keeping my tendons, ligaments and joints supported and mobile. I can honestly recommend this product for anyone involved in sport.”

Hannah Whelan

Olympic Gymnast

“It’s something that we’ve used as part of our management of all connective tissue injuries this year. We felt that it’s been a very effective adjunct, and has assisted us in the effectiveness of our rehabilitation of these dysfunctions.”

Ali James

Rugby Union Player, Physiotherapist

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