The Benefits of Taking Collagen Liquid This Winter

The Benefits of Taking Collagen Liquid This Winter

Despite the cold and wet weather, we often find ourselves very busy over the winter months. Many people find themselves burned out with all the work and social commitments. This is why it is so important that we take care of ourselves during this time of year, which is the hardest on our bodies.

This year is a very specific case as well. A lot of us have been stuck in various lockdowns, working from home and unable to get consistent exercise. So now that gyms are open and people are starting to be able to do sports again, the risk of injury is very real!

So what exactly is Collagen? Put simply, it is the most common protein found in our bodies. It supports and protects our joints, tendons and cartilage. It is also incredibly important for prevention of bone loss. What this means in reality, is that our professional athletes using GBR Collagen Liquid, have reported relief of pain in their joints and quicker recovery times. It has also been said that when it is used regularly, it can even help prevent getting injured in the first place.

Boosting your immune system and avoiding those winter colds is helpful for everyone! Fortunately, collagen contains the amino acids, glycine and arginine amongst others. The glycine amino acid helps manage the inflammatory response in your immune system. The Arginine amino acid helps with blood flow and immune system activation. Arginine is also helpful when people need support for their T-cell functions.

With the increase in popularity and endorsement of collagen as a supplement, we are hoping to see even more direct scientific studies in this area soon. 

It is also widely known within the scientific and nutritional communities that we lose our ability to produce collagen naturally as we get older. Considering “A number of studies suggest that inflammation plays a major role in initiating collagen degradation” it appears that you can easily end up in a vicious cycle of illness and injury, leading to inflammation, which leads to collagen degradation, leading to more illness and injury and so the cycle continues. This is why we believe that our GBR Collagen Liquid supplement is very important!

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